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Founded by a CPA, we are accounting and finance professionals who can help you find the right talent or your next opportunity to further your goals.

Our team is comprised of accounting and finance professionals. We speak the same language and get your lingo. We pride ourselves on being a modern search firm that provides good, old-fashioned client service.


We maintain strong relationships with industry leaders and keep their needs, wants and desires at the top of our minds.

As professionals who know our industry well, hiring managers and accounting/finance people alike enjoy working with us. Our approach is proactive and we uncover talent and opportunities that other firms simply cannot.


We connect rockstar accounting and finance professionals with amazing opportunities presented by our clients.

We are in front of hiring managers and strong talent on a daily basis. You’re looking for the right candidate or the right opportunity, but you’re busy – we get it. Let us help you find the perfect candidate or your dream job while you do what you do best.



Recruiters reach out to me on LinkedIn all the time. Why should I work with you and not them?

Candidates enjoy working with professionals who were in their shoes before. We speak your language and top employers trust us to find them the best talent.

When should I start working with a recruiter?

We find that candidates get the best results when they network with us before they begin actively looking. The perfect opportunity usually takes some time to find and you won’t miss out if we’re keeping an eye out for you. The time to look for a job isn’t when you really need one.

I don't want my current employer to know I'm looking. Is it possible to keep our conversations confidential?

It sure is! Additionally, we can share redacted resumes with employers to gauge interest before disclosing your identity.


We already have an internal recruiting team. How can Narinyan Search help us?

We partner with your HR team to help them fill hard-to-fill positions by leveraging our network. Our clients also engage us during peak seasons when their talent acquisition teams are overwhelmed and need an extra hand. We can also help with confidential searches.

Why should we work with you?

We are industry experts in the accounting and finance world. Candidates often tell us that they choose to have us represent them as they see the benefits of working with professionals who have similar backgrounds. Our team also understands the technical intricacies needed to build teams who have the right skills and expertise.

Why aren't candidates applying to our job posts?

The strongest candidates are usually gainfully employed at companies that value them – they’re not on job boards very often. We help you build the ideal candidate profile and start sharing your opportunity with these individuals via email, phone calls, texts, LinkedIn, etc. There’s also a good chance that this person may already be in our large database of contacts : )


Days To First Submittal

Once our clients share a job order and we build the ideal candidate profile, we get to work right away – you can expect to start receiving qualified resumes soon thereafter.

Avg # Of Submittals/Hire

Our clients don’t have time to review dozens of resumes or interview every candidate that applies. We send you an average of 3 strong professionals per job order that we have carefully vetted.

Avg Days to Fill

We leverage our network so our clients can make a qualified hire in just a few weeks. This represents the average number of days between us receiving a job order and a candidate signing a formal offer letter.


What makes us a leader in our industry is our expertise and commitment to the accounting and finance profession.

Our clients include local, regional and national accounting firms, start ups, family-owned businesses, publicly traded companies and private equity firms.


The opportunities we fill include senior accountants/senior financial analysts, CFOs and everything in between.


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